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| Updated on Nov 16, 2015

Your visa for Kenya and Best Restaurants in Nairobi

Best 3 Restaurants to Visit in Nairobi

You´ve a huge amount of restaurants fir visit getting the best with your Kenya Visa obtained safe and quick with iVisa experts.

Kenya has slowly become one of the most popular countries to visit in all of Africa, and as both the capital and largest metropolitan area in the country, Nairobi has developed a wonderful restaurant culture providing world class dining experiences. If you are making a trip to Kenya, make sure to get your Kenya Visa before stopping in Nairobi. Take the time to check out some of these wonderful restaurants located within the city.

Visa for kenya food


Kenya is a coastal country and has a long legacy of preparing wonderful seafood dishes. If you want to experience some wonderfully prepared local seafood, then Tamarind is a must visit locations. Be sure to try house favorites such as the garlic jumbo prawns and the deep fried crab legs. Tamarind also offers a wonderful selection of wines produced both in Africa, such as some wonderful South African Sauvignon Blancs, as well as wine imported from Europe and Australia. The restaurant boasts beautiful décor, designed to facilitate a tasteful dining experience, and is located on the ground floor of the colossal National Bank Building. A visit to Tamarind will set your wallet back a bit, as the experience isn’t cheap, but is well worth the price of your dining experience. Tamarind is open both for lunch and dinner service Monday through Saturday.

Tatu Steakhouse

If you’re not as interested in seafood as you are other protein dishes, head to Tatu to try some amazing Grilled Kenyan Angus beef at Tatu Steakouse. Tatu features a minimalist African design meant to highlight the world-class food being served, including such rarities as their specialty, ostrich steak. The restaurant recently added a spacious patio so that you can enjoy your meal under the Kenya sun. Tatu is open for dinner from 6 pm to 11 pm, and offers a reasonably priced array of entrees and an extensive wine list.


Talisman has been hailed as Nairobi’s best restaurant by sources as prestigious as the New York Times, and the wonderful food and décor are worthy of such high praise. With dishes as diverse as coriander samosa with chili-ginger jam and a burger featuring apple slaw, bacon, and cheese, you sure to find something wonderful for your whole party when you visit Talisman. Additionally, Talisman is an active art venue, with a rotating schedule of regular exhibitions of local African art. The restaurant is open all day long, from 8 am to midnight, and offers their dishes at very reasonable prices.

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