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| Updated on Nov 27, 2015

Quick use of Kenya Visa form

Obtain Your Visa for Kenya Quicker Using Kenya iVisa

Over the last couple of decades, Kenya has slowly become one of the most popular countries to visit. It is easy to see why – it features lush, accessible coastlines, wonderful native species of animals, plants and birds as well as booming metropolises such as Nairobi, which are home to exciting nightlife and restaurant scenes.

While Kenya is undoubtedly a wonderful place to spend a vacation, some people might still be intimidated by the process of obtaining a visa to visit the country. After all, the bureaucratic processes that surround obtaining a Kenya visa can easily get confused, derailing a whole vacation itinerary.

This process certainly became easier with the implementation of an electronic kenya visa program letting you obtain your visa online from the comfort of your home, but there can still be challenges. A simple error when filling out your visa can still present major problems, and may result in you being denied entry upon your arrival in the country.

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Kenya iVisa Ensures Your Visa Will Be Processed Correctly

That’s where sites such as kenya visa Kenya Visa come in. For a flat $35 fee, Kenya Visa will complete the visa application process and make sure that your visa will be ready to go when you are.

When you submit your information to Kenya iVisa, we will double check the information you provide us with to ensure that there are no errors that would keep your application from being processed. We also simplify the process by letting you pay however you want, from credit cards backed by services such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard and even PayPal. We can even accept a wide variety of different currencies from all around the world!

In addition to helping you successfully obtain your visa, we provide a support network that wouldn’t be there if you applied for your visa through the Kenyan government’s visa application site. We have customer support representatives standing by seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, ready to answer your question via chat or over the phone. In addition, our service will automatically send you a reminder email two days before your arrival date, with another copy of your e-visa in case you don’t already have it ready.

Eliminate the headaches associated with getting a visa, and let Kenya iVisa take care of all your visa related needs so you can focus on enjoying your vacation!

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