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| Updated on Sep 10, 2015

Getting Your Visa Online for Kenya is a Breeze

Getting Your Visa Online for Kenya is a Breeze

The Kenyan Internal ministry set a September 1st deadline for ceasing manual visa processing.

This deadline draws Kenya into the growing ranks of countries requiring an electronic visa to cross their borders. Although there are some challenges yet ahead, this method is intended to not only streamline the visa application process, but also to better interface with international organizations and improve national security measures.

Regardless of the method, visa applications can quickly become complex and time consuming, to such a degree that many travelers find themselves facing significant delay, or even cancellation, of their long-awaited vacation or important business trip.

Visa Online for Kenya

Regulations for entering a country differ based on the type and length of visit, number of travelers, and even what other countries are on the itinerary. Fortunately, there is a reliable, safe, and affordable service for getting a visa online for Kenya to address all of these concerns.

3 Pillars of Online Visa Processing:

  • A reliable service is knowledgeable, experienced, and up-to-date on all the necessary regulations and procedures necessary for securing a proper online visa. Kenya and South Africa frequently adjust visa regulations for or against each other, don’t let the latest developments throw your visa application for a loop.

  • Accessibility is essential for a successful application process. Traditional applications often involved overnight and weekend delays, or even required personal visits to a country’s embassy. Electronic visas offer round-the-clock processing accessibility. offers 24/7 phone and online chat support for customers in any time zone, even while Kenya sleeps.

  • Affordability is not reserved only for discount services. Efficiency and experience give services like the ability to process visa applications, even several at a time, for far less than the competition. Reserve more of your budget for your Kenyan adventure while your visa application is processed quickly and economically.

These three characteristics are most helpful when choosing the right service, but there are many other important things to consider. A variety of payment options are available through, including PayPal and American Express, and they accept a number of different currencies.

Enjoy a high standard of customer service from those who are experienced in traveling internationally, including an automatic reminder so you don’t forget your visa when it’s time to travel.

Avoid costly delays, cancelations, or complications that could end your trip prematurely, and don’t let visa hurdles and regulations prevent you from reaching Kenya. Give a look for tips and key info about Kenya visa procedures here

Let the adventure begin!

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