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| Updated on Sep 14, 2015

Get Visa Online for Kenya and Start Your Adventure Today!


It’s no secret that traveling internationally is more complex and time-consuming than staying in-country.

When navigating the laws and documentation requirements of distant places, there is no better friend than a helpful online service to get your visa application moving as efficiently and safely as possible.

A lot of careful planning goes into planning a trip to Kenya, but your visa and other travel documentation can make or break the entire vacation.

A country on the cusp of a Golden Age

In July 2015, Barack Obama visited Kenya, the birthplace of his father, in a much-anticipated journey of both personal and worldwide political importance.

He generated a magnificent buzz of excitement before his arrival, and left behind a triumphant surge of pride and hope.

The Kenya of today is awash in new opportunities for business and exciting adventures for visitors, attracting the attention of vacationers and investors alike.

Even better are the new services available to get a visa online for Kenya, making the trip to this blossoming country easier than ever before.

See Kenya’s many treasures

Visa online and Mount of Kenya

Take a look back in time to the foundations of human civilization when you visit the ancient Swahili city of Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or witness the great annual wildebeest migration.

From the shores of breathtaking Lake Victoria to the peaks of Mount Kenya, there is so much to see in this incredible country, visitors may find themselves drawn back to it time and again.

Get a fast, easy electronic visa to Kenya

Whether it’s the expanding markets and growing economy or the broad landscape and warm climate that attracts you, Kenya is a worthy destination for nearly every kind of traveler.

But as with all international travel, arranging for the correct documentation requires time and research that many travelers would much rather direct towards organizing the trip’s itinerary. Double or triple the amount of time required for documentation if the trip includes multiple countries and destinations.

With a confident, knowledgeable, and efficient online visa service, all your documentation needs are addressed correctly and quickly. offers 24/7 online chat and phone support for customers in any part of the world.

Process multiple visa applications simultaneously to save both time and money, and rest assured that your travel documents are the least of your worries. And with a variety of payment options including PayPal and American Express, even the type of currency you wish to use is no problem.

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