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| Updated on May 11, 2016

Dishes you get to experience with Kenyan tourist visa

Planning to visit Kenya?

The country has a rich food culture that will blow your mind. Get your visa Kenya now and book for a trip to the magical country. Commonly known for their incredible wild life, Kenya presents vast opportunities for both locals and visitors. While in the country, you need to understand your way around. In hotels and wherever else you visit, you will have to know the typical dishes.

meals with kenya visa

Some of the typical Kenyan dishes include:

Ugali: known to be the staple meal in the country, ugali is common in Kenya. Your trip to country begins with a Kenya evisa registration and only gets better with such meals for your evening supper or even lunch. The starch cornmeal is made into a thick past can be served with some meat stew, chicken, vegetables or any other form of stew. It is a hearty meal that you must try while in the country.

Sukuma wiki: one of the Kenya’s greatest meal, ugali, goes down so well with the greens. Sukuma wiki vegetables are the stable vegetable diet in the country. Get your evisa Kenya online today and travel for more fun and adventure. The meal is usually fried with oil, onions and tomatoes. It has to be sliced into very thin pieces to give you the best results. While in the country, you will realize how staple ugali and sukuma wiki is in the country.

Chapatis: the East African region is dominated by the flatbread chapattis. Rolled and fried in oil, the crispy flour meal is loved by everyone in Kenya. The meal can be taken as a snack with tea or with stew for any other meal. Other common dishes in Kenya include githeri, maharagwe, pilau, nyama and kuku choma, roasted maize and burgers among others.

The drinks here are just great and you will enjoy every moment in the country.

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It is really easy to do, safe and will eliminate all your frustration that comes along with applying for tourist visas when you want to travel abroad.

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