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| Updated on Dec 14, 2015

4 Great Ways to Enjoy Modern Kenya

Award-winning novelist, Baroness Karen Blixen, author of Out of Africa, embarked on an incredible journey as she and her husband built their coffee farm near Nairobi, Kenya, in 1917.

When she wrote her story, she had no idea it would reach millions of readers and moviegoers for decades to come. While the trials and tragedies of her life tend to be the centerpieces of the story, the African setting of the epic tale is truly breathtaking. Make comes true this dreamed trip with a Kenya Visa and live a great story.

To learn all about her experiences, read the book.

This is about Kenya Today

Many visitors get their visas for Kenya to indulge in the country’s famous otherworldliness. Its natural beauty is second to none. Its wildlife and landscapes are among the most sought after by world travelers. There is plenty to learn about Kenya’s history in museums and on tours, but to truly get a feel for the country as it is today, immerse yourself in its modern culture.


Music and Dancing Swahili, English, and over 40 other regional languages grace Kenya’s radio airwaves, clubs, and music venues. Nightclubs like Simba Saloon in Nairobi play a different theme each night, including the best African artists, as well as world favorites in rock, soul, and jazz. Only in Kenya can you take in a gospel performance by the Kenya Boys Choir and be mesmerized by traditional tribal music and dancing in the Great Rift Valley in the same week.

Art and Culture Artisans in every corner of Kenya work diligently to create delicate, intricate, beautiful, and traditional works of art for visitors just like you. See that empty space on your bookshelf? That spot is reserved for a hand-woven sisal basket. Snap selfies with locals to catalog your adventures. Most Kenyans speak English and Swahili, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation and learn about the people you meet.

Sports Football, rugby, and rally racing are all very popular in Kenya. Squeeze in a rugby match between your safari adventure and museum tour. What football fan wouldn’t want to bring home a scarf from a Nairobi City Stars premier league football match? Once you get your Kenya visa, book your tickets to a match.

African Food Cuisine in Kenya today is a brilliant collection of traditional dishes blended with European colonial influence. Europeans introduced new ingredients to Africa, which, in some cases, expanded centuries-old recipes into new and hearty delights. Explore your options for an electronic visa for Kenya at Check out some of the helpful online services in to help you apply for your Kenya visa quickly and conveniently.

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