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| Updated on Aug 30, 2016

Unveiling The Great Rift Valley

Believed to be the birthplace of humanity, the Great Rift Valley is a destination to not forget.

Approximately 6.400 km in length, it runs from northern Syria to South East Africa. This spectacular geological wonder holds dormant volcanoes, breathtaking landscapes and highly endangered species, like the rhino and the gorilla, which is found on the forested slopes of the Virunga volcanoes. Living alongside are millions of flamingos, concentrating around Lake Nakuru, creating an enriching contrast of lifestyles and views. With a wide variety of terrains- from desert to mountain- the Great Rift Valley holds some of the most beautiful examples of evolution, as its fauna and flora have adapted multiple times to different environments. . For tourist, the Great Rift Valley offers a wide range of opportunities, as wonderful national parks and safari opportunities. The area is ideal for bird watchers due to the string of alkaline lanes which attract flamingos, pelicans and many other species to the scenic valley.

Freshwater ecosystems at lake Naivasha and Baringo, the nature reserve at Lake Bogoria and the Nakuru national park are famous for its concentration of birds and mammals. But away from Nakuru, heading into the northern Rift Valley, the land drops away gently, the temperatures rise and the landscape dries up and human population becomes sparser. This northern region includes the warm and spectacular Kerio Valley, which is not commonly visited by tourists despite the breathtaking beauty of the Torok falls.

To visit Kenya you are required to have a working visa and a valid passport for more than six months. Single entry Kenya visas for US citizens are typically available on arrival on the country’s three international airports and land crossings with Uganda and Tanzania. Therefore, there is not an official Kenyan application visa. In any case, you are always welcome to contact your nearest diplomatic office to solve any potential question about the mandatory vaccination or the recommended safety measures for western visitors . Although some Kenyan embassies are not allowed to give visas, they will provide you with clear and insightful information regarding your trip to the country.

Visas can be renewed at immigration offices during regular office hours, and visa extensions are usually issued on the day of request. In order to apply for a 3 month visa extension, you will need to present two passport photos. The cost of this procedure will vary depending on the office. Please note that small size offices may refer travellers to bigger offices in Nairobi and Mombasa for visa extensions. Please find here the link to the Kenyan Government’s website regarding visa extensions and registrations.

Regarding customs regulations, there are strict restrictions about which items can be taken out of the country. The export of products elaborated from endangered or local animals will be confiscated.
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