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| Updated on May 11, 2016

Kenya Paradise more than a Safari Destination

Many people equate a visit to Africa with animal safaris

Visiting Kenya has never been easier with the electronic Kenya Visa application process Kenya Visa application process. The government offers an online Visa application, and there are companies with online sites to provide a quick process to obtain an eVisa for Kenya. For example, Kenya iVisa at offers an extremely secure site allowing you to apply for and also confirm the Kenya eVisa requirements. The entire process is fast and services include a knowledgeable staff who are available to assist you in the process 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

kenya visa and food

lions, and the colorful headdresses and beating drums of indigenous tribes. Although each of these images still depicts some of the cultures of Africa, visiting Kenya offers the traveler a myriad of exciting and fun activities to do.

For example, you can get married in a traditional village ceremony, eat dinner in a cave, trek through the land in search of snakes (‘snake safari’), charge a rhino, pet a baby elephant, and even propose marriage at the most popular wildlife refuge with a view – considered a romantic spot to seal the deal with your sweetie (10-things to do-Kenya).

Another thing you can do while visiting Kenya is dine your way through the countryside, eating the sorts of things from a Hollywood movie set, such as ostrich, skewered kidneys, and even crocodile. Kenya also offers some unusual cuisine from the traditional fare of cornmeal ground into patties and served with meat and veggies, to wild game such as alligator, Kenya serves it up with flair.

If you wish to experience authentic Kenyan cuisine, you will find that at indigenous markets and restaurants serving homegrown dishes that the locals eat in their own homes. These include the staples such as ‘ugali', a dense and filling cornmeal dish that is typically paired with meat stews. Also, the Kenyans love their vegetables and offer dishes of collard greens and kale fried in oil with onions and tomatoes. You can also enjoy banana stew, flatbread, roasted meats, coconut rice and meat and vegetable stews (kenyan-food-overview).

Why not apply today for a Kenya eVisa, and have an incredible adventure? Kenya isn’t just for safaris any longer – experience the wonder of wildlife, a cuisine that satiates and activities that most people only experience in their dreams.

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