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| Updated on Jun 30, 2016

Kenya, a visit to the heart

Kenya is a visually stunning paradise. With a vast palette of landscapes, textures and colours, the country is a must destination for any aesthetic lover. Kenya is a land of contrast, where beauty is found in endless shapes and locations, and every corner seems to be taken out of the brightest burst of imagination.

From the flaunted Savannas of Masai mara, to the magical history of the Rift Valley and the Glacial ridges of Mount Kenya, Kenya is a land to not forget. The diversity of its nature and the astonishing purity of its landscapes make Kenya the dream destination of any adventurous traveler.

But to simply focus on Kenya’s wildlife and nature is to ignore the people who make this country so dynamic and vibrant. Cities like Nairobi and Mombasa provide a different conception of Kenya, where the historical and contemporary sides of East Africa respectfully share the same time and space. The traditional tribes and urban societies coexist and cooperate in this oasis of stability in the turbulent region of East Africa.

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Planning a trip to Kenya is a pleasure in itself, as the country is so versatile that all itineraries seem to be simultaneously possible. It is highly advisable not to make too many plans in advance, as Kenya offers such a wide range of options that any curious visitor will be tempted to change their mind once they arrive in the country.

The main touristic season to visit Kenya is between January and February, when the weather is hot and dry. At this time, animals tend to congregate around watercourses, making it easier to spot them. However, you should consider travelling to the area between June and October, when the annual wildebeest migration takes places in the Serengeti,

The prices will be much cheaper that in the high season, and you will enjoy a much more insightful, enriching and personalize experience. This is also the best period to enjoy the city of Nairobi, which offers plenty of diversions and worthwhile cultural and natural attractions for all kinds of visitors. The Karura forest, located near Nairobi is a visually stunning destination, ideal to discover the most urban side of Kenya.

kenya visaA view of the City of Nairobi

To visit Kenya you are required to have a working visa and a valid passport for more than six months. Single entry Kenya visas for US citizens are typically available on arrival on the country’s three international airports and land crossings with Uganda and Tanzania.

Therefore, there is not an official Kenyan application visa. In any case, you are always welcome to contact your nearest diplomatic office to solve any potential question about the mandatory vaccination or the recommended safety measures for western visitors . Although some Kenyan embassies are not allowed to give visas, they will provide you with clear and insightful information regarding your trip to the country.

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