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| Updated on Jul 29, 2016

A walk through Kenya

From the flaunted Savannas of Masai mara, to the magical history of the Rift Valley and the Glacial ridges of Mount Kenya, Kenya is a land to not forget. The diversity of its nature and the astonishing purity of its landscapes make Kenya the dream destination of any adventurous traveler.

While Kenya is a comparatively safe African destination due to its stable political system and tourism, there are still plenty of pitfalls for the inexperienced traveller. When travelling to Kenya, try to stay up to date with the local news, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, here are some tips that will help you during your trip to Kenya despite the time of your visit.

When travelling to the country, do not forget to bring Malaria tablets with you. Consult your doctor in your home country around 6 weeks before the start of your trip. To avoid upset stomachs and minor illnesses, avoid street food at all times. In local restaurants, avoid eating meat unless you are sure that the place meets western hygiene standards.

Carry insect repellent lotion, as the bites and stings of animals can be incredibly dangerous as they can carry illnesses. Long pants and shirts will help you to protect against sickness, as well as against the hot sun.

Regarding safety, you should make a copy of your important documents and carry them with you at all times. Leave the originals in your suitcase or a safe place. Avoid carrying too much cash with you, as you will not need it and you will only increase your chance of attracting thieves. Wear a comfortable money belt that fits under your clothes in order to always have it under control. Carrying jewelry and luxury clothing is not a good idea while travelling to Kenya. Try to dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to enjoy your trip without exposing yourself to thieves. During the night hours, remain in groups of people you know and do not stroll around major cities or empty beaches. While the locals know where is safe to walk at night, maps are not able to provide that information. Do not put yourself in danger due to a midnight stroll in the wrong part of the city.

visit kenya

To visit Kenya you are required to have a working visa and a valid passport for more than six months. Single entry Kenya visas for US citizens are typically available on arrival on the country’s three international airports and land crossings with Uganda and Tanzania. Therefore, there is not an official Kenyan application visa. In any case, you are always welcome to contact your nearest diplomatic office to solve any potential question about the mandatory vaccination or the recommended safety measures for western visitors . Although some Kenyan embassies are not allowed to give visas, they will provide you with clear and insightful information regarding your trip to the country.  

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