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| Updated on Apr 15, 2016

With Visa to Turkey try best stew meat dishes

Kenyan cuisine consists of a lot of exotic flavours and the typical spices that Kenyans use include basil, cardamom and chillies.

Check out Kenya Visa requirements today at and plan your trip to Kenya and make sure you visit some of the local restaurants to try some of their best stew meat dishes.

When you get your Turkey Travel Visa, try a whole new dining experience: picnics!

Indoor meals are overrated Ok, we lied but try something new and exciting.

Plan ahead of course, no one wants a soggy lunch or having to karate chop insects off your food.

We can assist you in getting over to Turkey for an outdoor cuisine experience on our site

Turkish visa and sweet meals

For the cost of the visa and our service fee, you can soon be sitting beneath hundred year old trees in an ancient city dating back over millennia of human movements.

All it takes is an adventurous desire and your Turkey Travel Visa. Conveniently, there is no more paperwork. Once approved, the visa is electronically linked to your passport. Tada! Technology.

Now, where to wander off with a picnic basket and a bottle of wine? We have some ideal spots depending on what you really want to view while eating.

Plus, packing the picnic basket is half the fun! A view isn’t anything for lunch if the items you are chomping on isn’t filling your senses.

First off, let’s fill that picnic basket! For a few delicious local items, try shopping at Antre.

Loaded with oils and jellies, you can select freshly aged cheeses and meats. If you are unsure of which cheese is for your liking, you have the chance to sample it before purchasing.

Fruit and vegetables are a delight to have, especially during the heat of summer. Yilmaz Manav is a popular fruit stand and sells locally grown produce. Grapes are a fine match with cheese.

Hopefully those a few ideas for basket items to get you started. Now where to take the picnic basket? A lot of locals head towards water during the summer months. There is an abundant amount of concrete in the city of Istanbul and not enough green.

However, many flock to a strip of parks along the Marmara Sea. Children love to swim in the sea while parents gather in groups under trees.

Yildiz Park is perfect for smaller groups. Try to avoid rush hour times for meals as many locals scramble for every bit of shade there is. If you don’t mind a walk, you can take a trip into the wooded hills of the park and find a secluded area to lay your basket and enjoy nature. There are also well marked paths for restroom facilities. Camlica Hill offers visitors a view upon the old sultan stomping grounds.

Overlook the city closer to sunset. Watch the atmosphere electrify with brilliant reds, oranges and pinks, over such an historical city. Raise a glass to beauty.

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